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5 Long Hair Care Tips For Men That Keep Locks Gorgeous

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I think most of us agree that a healthy head of hair on anyone is attractive. However, there’s something prince-like about a man loosening his hair tie and freeing those gorgeous locks for all to see.

In any event, an essential part of the equation involves healthy, shiny tresses that make us want to run our fingers through their mane. So how does a man keep their hair looking healthy and irresistible?

1. Taking Care of Yourself

Appearance is directly related to daily habits and care. Getting plenty of sleep, eating nutritious foods, such as eggs, fatty fish, berries, avocado and spinach, help your hair stay lustrous. Those foods are stock full of biotin that keeps hair cells flourishing. It’s also beneficial to drink plenty of water and other healthy beverages like tea.

When the inner body thrives, the glow radiates outward.

Add some hearty exercise into the mix, and your blood starts pumping, rejuvenating your cells and keeping your physique youthful. Poor care and unhealthy habits like smoking affect us internally, but also on the surface. Skin, eyes, teeth and hair lack their usual luster and vitality. The importance of taking care of yourself can’t be under-emphasized.

2. Brushing and Combing Your Hair Less

When hair gets ripped at with a comb to smooth out tangles, the outer hair cuticle becomes damaged, leaving the color and texture beneath it vulnerable. Instead, start at the bottom of your strands and gently work your way up. Use your fingers to comb through any knotted areas.

Brushing or combing your hair frequently isn’t as beneficial as once believed. In fact, frequent brushing correlates with more hair loss. You can do it on occasion to distribute natural oils from your scalp, but most of the time, it's better to finger-comb through your locks.

3. Changing Your Drying Techniques

The heat from blow drying your hair everyday compromises the outer layer of your hair. Eventually, it penetrates deeper, leaving your tresses dull and brittle. If you have to do it, turn down the heat and hold it farther away, but it’s best to let your locks air dry naturally whenever possible.

Rubbing a towel briskly on the hair seems to be the go-to technique of most men. However, hair is weaker when wet and more susceptible to harm. Gently hold the towel on your hair and press firmly to soak up excess wetness. Then toss it aside and let the air do its thing.

4. Using the Right Hair-Care Products

For men's long hair care routine, it’s a good time to start reading the ingredient list of the products we put on our bodies, not just in them. Even so-called healthy brands can sometimes contain chemicals that dry hair, the very thing they promise not to do.

Find shampoos and conditioners without sulfates, parabens, artificial dyes and propylene glycol. Products like Wellphoria’s Nourishing CBD-infused shampoo & conditioner, formulated without those chemicals, gently clean, while increasing strength and conditioning, so it keeps its natural shine and a balanced scalp.

Try to cut back on products like gels and leave-on conditioners that make hair seem dull and not freshly washed. Sometimes we need a little styling product to keep our locks in place. Go easy on it, applying a small amount only where needed, and make sure the ingredients are favorable for your hair follicles.

A couple of drops of pure CBD-Infused Hair and Scalp Oil can promote healthy looking hair with serious softness, without bogging strands down. Let the brilliant, natural shine of your hair come through.

5. Protecting Hair From the Environment

Spending time out in the sun feels great, but those beloved rays cause the hair cuticle to open, letting moisture and melanin escape from the shaft. You end up with dry, frizzy hair. If you color or lighten your hair, the sun fades the bright, original glossy shine.

Wearing a hat helps protect your locks, but the constant pressure can thin hair. If you love outdoor activities, you’re better off putting on a UV protectant hair lotion or spray. UVBs break down hair protein that keeps it healthy, but these products deflect the sun’s rays by coating the hair like a shield.

You can also tie your hair up into a smooth man-bun to lessen hair exposure to sunlight (not to mention the look rocks!)

Do the same when you're swimming in the pool, too. Chlorine not only changes the natural color of your hair or any dye you’ve used, but it takes out all the moisture and natural oils that usually protect your hair. You end up left with dry, dull hair, coarse to the touch. Weakened hair splits and loses its sheen.

So there you have it. Get out there and flaunt your lovely locks. You’re lucky to have them!


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