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5 Stay-at-Home Tips For Hair Wellness

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Staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic might have given you a break, but what has it done to your hair? Months of messy buns and limited salon visits might have you at your wit’s end. This is an excellent occasion to spend some time focusing on your tresses so that you can head out with your hair down now that the world is beginning to open up again. You’ll love your locks again if you follow the hair wellness tips below during quarantine.

1. Don’t Wash Every Day

Are you staying home for a few days, months or weeks? Since you’re not going out in public, use this opportunity to drop the habit of washing your hair daily. You might feel greasy at first, but your hair will adjust. As your natural oils coat your strands, they’ll also add moisture, nourishment and a dose of protection. By the time you’re ready to stop social distancing, you might be able to go a few days between washes.

2. Put Down the Styling Tools

Take this as a sign that you don’t need to scorch your hair as much as you used to. Give your hair a styling break. If you’re only showering every few days, you can give yourself a great blowout on day one. Then, embrace the laid-back look until your next shower.

3. Try Different Hairstyles

While you’re limiting your use of styling tools, use different hairstyles to keep your look in check. Braids and loose, low knots protect your hair from the elements. Plus, they give your hair volume when you take them out.

If you’re guilty of tossing your hair up in a ponytail or bun on a daily basis, consider trying some different looks while you’re at home. Pulling your hair tight can cause breakage. The strands at your hairline are the weakest and could end up falling out if you tug them firmly for too long.

Moreover, your hair tie could be hurting your tresses. If you wear your hair up, change the location of your ponytail or bun every time so that you don’t subject the same spot to damage.

4. Use the Right Products

Choose your hair products wisely. Switching your shampoo and conditioner can instantly create vivid shine while increasing strength. Consider using that new cleanser once you decide to start leaving the house again. A deep-conditioning treatment or mask delivers intense moisture to increase softness and create a balanced scalp.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Hydration and sleep are essential for great hair. Water keeps your skin moist and can help you avoid flakes and other scalp problems. Sleep helps your body create the necessary proteins to keep your hair strong. Plus, it staves off other health issues that could indirectly affect your tresses. For example, lack of sleep leads to increased levels of stress hormones, which can make your hair fall out.

When you’re ready to hit the salon, go ahead and get that trim. Regular haircuts keep your hair looking its best and growing well. But in the meantime, follow these hair wellness tips for healthy, head-turning hair.


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