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7 Ways To Make Your Salon Vegan Friendly

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Veganism isn’t just for food. Many people avoid animal products and byproducts in everything that they buy, including salon products. Creating vegan-friendly options in your salon can open your market to new clients without sacrificing your current patrons. A vegan-friendly salon sends out the impression that you care about your clients’ health, animals and the environment. Keep in mind the following factors when making your salon vegan-friendly.

Try Vegan Products

Although this advice may seem obvious, you may be surprised by the animal-derived ingredients that sneak into beauty products and their packaging, such as beeswax. For haircare products to be considered vegan, they must not contain animal-derived ingredients. Try to also look for cruelty-free, which means that they are not tested on animals.

Check Your Refreshments

It may be a good idea to have vegan options for snacks and beverages. Check non-dairy creamers for ingredients such as casein and sodium caseinate, which come from milk. Avoid refined, non-organic sugar, which may be processed with bone char from animals. Many beers and wines are also processed with animal byproducts.

Use Vegan Salon Tools

You may not realize that many brushes, including makeup brushes, are made with animal hair. Swap those for synthetic versions to appeal to a vegan  market. Your clients likely won’t notice the difference.

Connect With Other Vegan Businesses

Networking with other vegan businesses in your area can give you more ideas and identify areas that you may have overlooked. It’s also a great way to get the word out about your vegan-friendly services.

You don’t have to have a completely vegan salon to offer vegan-friendly services. However, it definitely helps to be mindful of products that are vegan-friendly. Stocking up with Wellphoria products can take away some of the guesswork, whether your clients are Vegan or not.


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