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Debunking 5 Hair Type Myths

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Everyone has heard of many hair facts in their life but telling if it’s true or myth maybe hard to do. Here are five prominent hair-type myths to watch out for.

5 Hair Type Myths

Myth #1: Your Hair Type Will Never Change

You’re far from alone if you’ve asked yourself, "Can hair type change over time?" Some people doggedly insist that your current hair type will be with you for the rest of your life. While this may be true for some, others may experience that their hair naturally changes texture as they age. There’s no telling which direction your hair will move on the spectrum. Curly hair can become a fair bit straighter, and straight hair can develop unexpected waves.

Myth #2: You Can Naturally Change the Texture of Your Hair

You might hear people claim that it’s possible to intentionally change the texture of your hair without using chemicals. While this would certainly be nice, it’s not actually true. Chemical processes, done by professional stylists, are the only option if you want to alter your hair’s texture.

Myth #3: Your Hair’s Curl Pattern Will Always Be the Same

Some assume that your curl pattern will remain the same as your hair grows, however for some people that isn’t the case. Curls tend to be tighter when your hair is cut short to your head. As it grows downward, gravity and the weight of the hair can often loosen the curls.

Myth #4: It’s Easy to Imitate the Styles of People with Your Hair Type

It’s easy to make the false assumption that everyone with the same hair type can pull off the exact same styles. You’ve probably seen someone with a gorgeous hairstyle in the grocery store and thought, “She’s got the same hair type as me, so surely, I could rock that look, too!” In reality, everyone’s hair has all sorts of slight variances, such as a different haircut, and sometimes that person’s hair may have been styled by a professional, making it harder to achieve on your own. Just remember to not get frustrated if you can’t achieve a specific style on your own. Try consulting your stylist on how they’d recommend you get that look.

Myth #5: Hair Dye Won’t Affect Texture

Let’s say you’re happy with your hair’s texture but you want to change the color. Friends might reassure you that dye won’t affect the texture of your hair, and you’re probably tempted to believe them because their advice matches what you want to hear. However, depending on the number of times you’ve dyed your hair, the color-process & products may have an effect on your hair’s texture. If you are still on the fence, it may be a good idea to consult your stylist, as they will be able to advise you on the best way to achieve the color change you want, while helping to limit the damage.


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