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Dry Hair - Causes, Products and Home Remedies

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We all know what it’s like to experience dry hair. Suddenly, the once-luscious strands are as dull as an old penny, and your hair exhibits an undue frizziness that makes it way harder to style. These pesky problems develop when the lack of moisture in your hair causes the outer layer of every strand to break down. As frustrating as dry hair can be, you should take heart in the fact that there are plenty of solutions to the problem.

Dry Hair Causes

Environmental factors, hair habits, and underlying health concerns can all be dry hair causes. By becoming a hair detective, you can investigate your particular circumstances to identify the main culprits.

Environmental Factors

Sometimes, the very air around you is the cause of your dry hair. Living in a hot, dry environment or receiving a lot of sun and wind on your hair will eventually lead to dryness. If you’re a park ranger in Arizona or a lifeguard in San Diego, you can blame the climate for your dry hair.

Hair Habits

If you’re washing your hair twice a day or pummeling it with intensive, chemical-laden products, your own habits are to blame for your dry hair. Daily blow-drying and the excessive use of curling irons can also result in dehydration.

Products That Can Help

Most dry hair issues are less serious in nature. Just by using some tried and tested products, you should see considerable improvement.

Moisturizing Products

There are tons of moisturizing products that you can apply to your hair even without a washing. Products infused with hemp oil can transform dry, dull, damaged strands into lustrous, shiny hair.

Hemp Oil Shampoo

If you’re hoping to take a modern approach to solving the dry hair problem, you could try using shampoo infused with hemp oil. 10 out of 10 Wellphoria™ users report a noticeable difference in hair’s look and feel†.
+Based on an external salon study using Wellphoria™ Shampoo and Conditioner.

Home Remedies Worth Adopting

As much as the aforementioned products are worth a try, you might be able to moisturize your hair just by adopting some smart, healthy habits at home.

Healthy Washing Habits

There’s really no need to shampoo your hair every time you bathe. By using a Nourishing Conditioner but skipping the shampoo every other shower, you’ll allow your dry hair to recover.

Healthy Overall Care

Putting additional thought into hair care is the best way to remedy dry hair. Just by cutting down on the use of blow dryers, flat irons, and curlers, you’ll give your hair a chance to regain its natural moisture, smoothness, and sheen.

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