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Hemp Oil vs Coconut Oil For Dry Hair

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Nobody likes having dry hair. Not only does it look dull and frizzy, but it also represents serious structural problems. When your hair lacks moisture, the outer layer of the strands begin to break down. Luckily, you can combat this pernicious problem by applying hair products that have a moisturizing effect.

Hemp oil and coconut oil are both known remedies for dry hair. If you’re not an expert on these substances, you might have a hard time choosing between them. This quick guide will help you make your choice. Once you’ve learned about the components and effects of each, you’ll know which is the best option for you and your hair.

Hemp Oil For Dry Hair

Lots of modern hair products are made with hemp oil. This is no surprise considering the amount of anecdotal evidence suggesting the substance can have a positive effect on dry hair.

What Is Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is produced by cold-pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. It contains a number of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. These components make it a useful tool in the fight against dry hair.

What Effects Does It Have On Dry Hair?

Satisfied users contend that hemp oil has a number of positive effects on dehydrated hair. By lubricating the shafts of individual strands on hair, the substance seems to reduce hair breakage.

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Coconut Oil For Dry Hair

Coconut oil is another excellent option for people hoping to moisturize their dry hair. Its potent ingredients and protein-protecting nature make it a useful hair care substance.

What Is Coconut Oil?

As you would imagine, coconut oil is derived from the fruit of the coconut palm. It is primarily composed of lauric acid, a fatty acid that makes it easily absorbed by strands of hair. Coconut oil is also known for its rich, pleasant aroma.

What Effects Does It Have On Dry Hair?

The fatty acids in coconut oil have been known to add moisture to dry hair. The substance is also great for helping hair maintain higher levels of protein. This makes it a great choice for overall hair care. By rubbing coconut oil into your hair before or after washing, you can prevent a lot of the damage that washing and brushing frequently causes. In some cases, the oil has even helped hair grow longer.

Choosing Between Hemp Oil And Coconut Oil For Dry Hair

While hemp oil and coconut oil are different substances that come from distinct sources, they’re both great for treating dry hair. If simply moisturizing your dry hair is your main goal, then hemp oil might provide the ideal solution. If you’re also interested in maintaining the protein in your hair, then coconut oil could be worth a shot. Alternatively, you could try using a little bit of both.


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