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How Long & How Often Should You Deep Condition?

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Keeping your hair looking and feeling its best isn’t as easy as you might imagine. The only way to maximize results is by developing a hair care routine that works for you. Deep conditioning should be an integral part of any such routine, but lots of people aren’t sure how to make the most of their conditioner. How often should you deep condition, and how long should you leave the conditioner in your hair?

Luckily, these pressing questions have relatively straightforward answers. With just a bit of research and some careful consideration, you should have no problem developing a conditioning routine that works for you and your hair.

How Often Should You Deep Condition?

Before you worry about the specifics of conditioning, you need to determine how often you should bother applying conditioner. Once you’ve factored conditioning into your weekly schedule, keeping your hair looking its best will be simpler than ever before.

Use Conditioner Every Time You Wash

To get the best results, you should use a deep conditioner every time you wash your hair. The washing process has a natural tendency to open up your hair cuticles, leaving them vulnerable to dirt, grime, and other invaders while allowing key nutrients to escape. A deep conditioner will close those cuticles back up again, giving your hair the protection, it deserves.

Aim for a Few Sessions Every Week

It’s best to shampoo and conditioner your hair a few times a week. This will ensure that your hair is both clean and strong each and every day. After a few weeks of regular washing and conditioning, you’ll likely notice that your hair has become shinier, softer, and easier to brush. This is how you’ll know your routine is working.

Take Your Hair Type Into Account

Certain types of hair benefit from more frequent conditioning. If your hair feels especially dry, then you might want to use a deep conditioner four or five times a week. You should also increase your weekly conditioning sessions if you regularly color your hair or style, it with hot tools like curling irons.

How Long Should You Deep Condition?

If dropping a dollop of conditioner on your head and washing it away immediately is your standard technique, you’ll never get the results you’re hoping for. With that being said, deep conditioning doesn’t have to be a long, arduous task. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to complete the process in just a few minutes.

Take the Time to Ensure Proper Application

Your deep conditioner will only be effective if you apply it to every strand. Get a decent amount of conditioner on your hand, then work it into your hair from the middle down to the ends. Use your fingertips as a brush to make sure you’re sufficiently thorough.

Let the Conditioner Sink In

Once you’ve got the conditioner in place, let it sit for a few minutes while it works its magic. If you get impatient and rinse it out too quickly, you’ll have wasted both the conditioner and all the time you spend applying it. To keep yourself distracted, try tossing on a podcast or reading a book. Before you know it, five minutes will have passed and it will be time to rinse.

Conclusion: Smart Conditioning Can Do Wonders for Your Hair

Deep conditioning is essential for healthy-looking, beautiful hair. With a five-minute routine enacted a few times a week, you can enjoy all the benefits of proper conditioning.


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