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How Often Should You Oil Your Scalp?

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Among the most important things you can do for the nutrition of your hair is to massage your scalp with oil, which offers several distinct benefits that can't be found with other hair-care solutions. Even though every follicle of hair contains oil glands, there are numerous reasons why your scalp could dry out. Before you start massaging your scalp with oil, you should know exactly how often to do so.

Why Scalp Dryness Occurs

Your scalp can start to dry out for any number of reasons. Likely the most common cause of scalp dryness is when the pores on your scalp become clogged. When this happens, the pores are unable to get the oil they require. If you go outside regularly during the warm summer months, it's likely that the pores on your scalp will become clogged as a result of you being exposed to warm temperatures.

Even a thin and nearly invisible layer of dust can clog the pores on your scalp, which is why oiling the scalp is an effective hair nutrition technique for nearly everyone. Keep in mind that you should avoid washing your hair too much. If you happen to wash your hair every day, it's likely that the natural oils on your scalp would be removed, which would prevent your scalp from being properly hydrated. If you have fine hair, your hair should be washed several times each week. On the other hand, anyone with coarser hair may only need to wash their hair 1-2 times per week.

How Often Should You Oil Your Scalp?

Now that you understand the importance of oiling your scalp, you should know how often this technique should be done. How often you massage your scalp with oil depends on the type of hair you have. There are three types of hair that you can use hair and scalp oil with, which include regular, oily, and dry hair.

If you have regular hair that would be considered healthy, oil your scalp 1-2 times per week. On the other hand, you may need to oil your scalp daily for the first week if you haven't done so for a lengthy period of time. For the best results, leave the oil in your scalp overnight before washing your hair in the morning.

If your hair is already oily, using oil on your scalp is likely unnecessary. Placing additional oil in your hair could make your hair sticky, which you should do your best to avoid. However, massaging your scalp with oil is a great way to unclog your pores. If you have oily hair but want to unclog your pores by oiling your scalp, consider doing so around once every two weeks, which shouldn't create issues with the quality of your hair.

If you find that your hair is dry, consider oiling your scalp every other day for optimal results. After you oil your scalp, you can leave the oil in until you take a shower or bath. By keeping the oil on your scalp for an extended period of time, you can help reduce the amount of itching and flakiness that occurs around your scalp. While there are plenty of oils you can use to massage your scalp, it's highly recommended that you opt for natural hair oils for the best hair nutrition.


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