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How to Fix Greasy Hair

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The scalp naturally produces sebum, which is a natural oil that helps to support healthy hair. Also, it protects it from outside elements. Unfortunately, this tends to accumulate on hair and leave it feeling heavy, sticky, greasy. To uncover how to fix greasy hair like mine, here are a few good ideas.

What Causes My Hair to Get so Greasy?

There are a few factors that cause hair to become greasy.

  • Hormones. Pregnancy, puberty, and menopause all have an effect on hormones. This can cause an increase in oil production at the scalp area.
  • Headwear. When we wear hats, it traps natural oils onto our scalps. Also, it pushes our hair near our scalps. This raises the likelihood of spreading oil throughout our hair.
  • Playing with Our Hair and Scalp. Commonly, we play with our hair without thinking about it. We may twist our fingers through our hair or rub our scalps throughout the day. All this action can activate the sebaceous glands and increase oil production on our heads.
  • Washing Hair Daily. Although it seems counterproductive, when we wash our hair too much, it can make it greasy. Each time that our hair is washed, it is stripped of its natural oils. This makes the scalp think that it must replenish the oil quickly. It is best to avoid shampooing each day.
  • Eating the Wrong Foods. Nutritionists believe that eating a diet that is filled with refined carbohydrates and saturated fats can lead to greasy hair. To solve the problem, it is advised to switch to wholegrain foods and unsaturated fats.
  • Using the Wrong Hair Products. Not all shampoo and hair products are made for all hair types. For us, a clarifying shampoo may be necessary to eliminate dirt, oil, and product buildup that leads to our greasy hair.

Using Wellphoria™ Hair Products with my Greasy Hair

Wellphoria™ is a hair product line that contains hemp seed oil. This substance is produced by cold-pressing hemp seeds. It is rich in antioxidants and brings a number of benefits to skin, including the scalp. It is thought to help balance oily skin, which is perfect for people like us who have greasy hair.


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