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Observe #NationalCBDMonth by Trying These

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become especially popular in the last few years. New products come out all the time, and more and more people add CBD to their wellness routine every day. CBD is derived directly from hemp, so it can be an excellent choice for those interested in natural products.

The first month of the year is National CBD Month, a time to celebrate the benefits of cannabidiol. As you wind down from the holiday season throughout the month of January, you can try out new CBD products or use some of your current favorites.

What Is CBD Month?

National CBD Month was founded by cbdMD. It was first celebrated in January 2020, but the organization hopes to make it a longstanding tradition. The same group established National CBD Day, which is on August 8.

You can celebrate CBD in the month of January in several ways. If you haven't yet, read up on the history and science behind CBD. People have used hemp for thousands of years for a wide variety of purposes, and its versatility is fascinating.

If you've never tried CBD and are interested, speak with your physician about adding it to your wellness routine. Although more research is needed to learn about the health benefits of CBD, many people enjoy the effects of the product.

If you currently use CBD products, this is a great opportunity to try out some new ones. Wellphoria offers a line of CBD hair care solutions that can make a good gift to yourself or a friend. Here are three products to try:

CBD Nourishing Shampoo

Wellphoria's Nourishing Shampoo is designed to condition and soften your hair. When using the Wellphoria shampoo, conditioner and oil together as a system, hair is 4x stronger* full of vivid shine after just one use. Our nourishing formula is also infused with 99 percent pure CBD as well as vegan hemp seed oil. The shampoo is color-safe and good for all hair types.

CBD Hair and Scalp Oil

Like the Nourishing Shampoo, Wellphoria's Hair and Scalp Oil is made with 99 percent pure CBD and hemp seed oil. It's color-safe, and a vegan formula, that provides noticeable results after just one use, when using the system of Wellphoria shampoo, conditioner and styling oil. You can use the oil to deep condition your hair overnight, or you could apply a few drops after styling.

Wellphoria Starter Kit

The Starter Kit includes Wellphoria's Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair and Scalp Oil, and Nourishing Intensive Treatment Masque. These products work best when used as a set, so the Starter Kit is an excellent choice if you're looking for a total overhaul of your hair care routine. The products are travel-size, so they make great samples.

January is a time to appreciate the benefits of CBD and discover new CBD products. If you're looking to start your year off with quality hair care, try Wellphoria's CBD hair care line.

*with Wellphoria shampoo, conditioner, and oil vs. a non-conditioning shampoo

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