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The Guide to Hair Nourishment

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Here are some tips and tricks to help you to nourish your hair:

Use Nourishing Hair Products

The hair requires the natural amount of oil to remain present in order to maintain optimal hair wellness. Whenever you wash your hair, there is a certain amount of natural hair oil loss involved. The more you shampoo and condition, the more likely your hair will be stripped of the normal level of natural oils. Try waiting every couple of days to wash your hair and use hair products that are designed to nourish the hair.

Take the Natural Approach to Hair Nourishment

Many aspects of your hair care regimen can be modified to help improve the condition of your hair. For example, if you use any type of a heat while styling, you might consider replacing it with air drying or heatless hair styling. If you reduce the amount of use of intense heat, your hair is more likely to appear hydrated and healthy-looking.

A Nourishing Hair Maintenance Regimen

Learn new techniques to help keep your hair healthy-looking. For example, try using a wide-tooth comb when detangling, as they can be better for getting knots out and help protect hair from breakage. You can even try using a detangling conditioner to help with those stubborn knots.

Use hair protectant sprays before using any styling tools that distribute heat to the hair. Regular trims will improve the look of your hair’s health. It also addresses the problems caused by split ends; try getting your hair ends trimmed every two months for the best results.

Wellphoria offers a range of CBD products such as shampoo, conditionertreatment masque, and hair and scalp oil to help optimize your hair nourishment routine. This nourishing hair care collection is proven to address all 5 dimensions of hair wellness—strength, conditioning, softness, balance, and shine—in just one use.


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